Christians Together in Jersey (CTJ – better known in the UK as Churches Together) is a long-established group that seeks to enable the immense variety of Churches and Christian groups in Jersey to be ‘Christians Together’ (John 17:21).

CTJ is registered under the the Charities (Jersey) Law 2014.  We have a threefold focus:

(1)  To be an umbrella organisation, holding together a variety of Christian groups that benefit from being Christians Together. At present these are:

(2) To arrange occasional Forum meetings of all participating churches as and when a specific issue arises.

(3) To share information through our mailing list and website.

We believe that while these three areas may appear modest, they are not only beneficial but also achievable in an increasingly busy world. We welcome and seek to work alongside other groups that draw churches and Christians together in the island in a variety of ways.

CTJ aims to hold an AGM in the autumn, which members of all participating churches are entitled to attend. Each of the above groups is able to report to and/or attend these meetings.