Our aim is to encourage active Christian unity and to strongly follow the principle of only doing separately what we cannot achieve together.

Message is a 24 hour 'Dial and Listen' telephone service relating the Bible to everyday situations. It presents the Gospel in terms of personal thought and experience. It is a practical way of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ revealed in the Bible.

Message was started in the United Kingdom in 1969 by the late Norah Coggan, sister of the then Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Donald Coggan. In the intervening years, countless people have been helped just through listening to the personal Christian experiences of local script writers and recorders.

Although Message has been providing a service in Jersey since January 1973, the need has never been greater than now, when all the stresses and strains of personal, business and family life are becoming intolerable for many people living in Jersey. We receive, on average, between 400-450 calls a month.

We know from experience that Message can and does offer particular words of comfort and hope that callers may need. The telephone number given at the end of the Message offers an opportunity to speak to someone personally should the caller so wish. Callers need not give their names as the service is completely anonymous and confidential.


Telephone Service of Christians Together in Jersey

Just dial 861884 and listen...

What is Message?

How does Message work?

Scripts are written and recorded by local Christians of all denominations. Callers therefore hear a fresh Message every day.

Could you help?

Could you help us with script-writing, recording, technical assistance, publicity, fund-raising, prayer support or any of the other tasks necessary to run Message?

We are in particular need of recorders and script writers. The duties are not onerous and we offer training and other support.

Please contact Mary Osmond on 509506.